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New Web Series 'As We Are' Aims High Because it Brilliantly Tackles Gender And Sexual Identity

New Web Series 'As We Are' Aims High As It Brilliantly Tackles Gender And Sexual Identity

If you haven't seen a clip yet (you can even examine it right below), the storyline is targeted on Chloe, a gay woman, as she travels to Brighton for a week to take care of Robyn's cat, her ex-girlfriend, while she's away along with her new girlfriend.

Web series


Chloe dates a few women during her stay, but winds up going for a special interest on Blake, Robyn's neighbour. Upon knowing Chloe has met Blake, Robyn quickly outs Blake as being a trans man, who becomes the 1st trans person Chloe has ever met.

Nevertheless, Chloe finds herself drawn to Blake, but what could this mean?

Is she interested in men, or does she avoid seeing him for who he really is?

Deborah Espect, the article author and creator, is really a published novelist, screenwriter and playwright, with several awards under her belt in addition to critically acclaimed short films shown in Canes, London, West Hollywood and Brighton.

Espect is additionally openly gay and now we can rely on a cast and crew composed mainly of LGBTQ+ women.

Fox Fisher (Blake) is not any stranger either! He could be a trans activist who first appeared on Channel 4's My Transexual Summer and since then is a spokesman for Trans matters. He also has vast experience behind the cameras, having made a lot more than 50 short-films for My Genderation, a task concentrating on the gender spectrum and its particular variations (you should check out their Youtube channel right <a href="">here</a> ).

With such a distinctive story finally taken to our small screens, it's quite hard to not be excited and capable to tune in at the earliest opportunity!

Well, good news, the discharge date is Autumn 2016, although a unique date hasn't gained yet, so stay tuned for more info.

Web series

Post by as3we2are (2016-10-11 15:03)

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